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  • How do I instal the skis?
  • How many ski's should I buy? 
    • If you have a 3-wheel stroller, we recommend the 3-ski set.
    • If you have a 4-wheel stroller, we recommend the 4-ski set.
    • To decide whether you want to buy one or two skis or for all wheels, please see the next FAQ questions about using the skis on the front wheels only or on all wheels.
  • Will these work on double-wheels?
    • PremierSkis will work on single and double wheels. On a double-wheel stroller, you would simply attach the skis to the outer wheel. On a 3-wheel stroller where the front wheel is a double, the ski can be attached to either wheel.
  • Should I use ski's on the front wheels only or on all wheels
    • Use PremierSki's on your front wheel(s) only for a quick and easy way to help get your stroller through snow. If you think you'll be using them mostly in the city or in urban areas, simply having the ski's on your front wheels is an easy way to use your stroller during a snowy winter. 
    • For the ultimate glide over snow, use PremierSki's on all three or four wheels although please note that you will have no access to the brakes on the back wheels. 
    • Should I lock any of the wheels in position when using the skis?
      • No :). Our latest design will align themselves in whichever direction you go in. 
    • What size of wheels do PremierSki's work with?
      • PremierSki's ideally work with wheels between 4"(100mm) and 16"(406mm) in diameters and up to 2"(50mm) wide.
      • They can however be used on wheels up to 18"(455mm) however may not glide as smoothly on account of there being less of a nose resulting in your front wheel "flipping" over the ski. If you are using them on larger wheels and are experiencing issues, please contact us. 
      • For larger wheels, it is recommended to position the wheel as far back on the skis as possible. 
    • On what type of terrain can I use Premier Skis?
      • Premier Skis can be used on flat groomed snow trails and snowy/icy side-walks. We do not recommend using Premier Skis in deep snow, off-piste or on any surface other than flat.
      • Premier Skis are designed to be tough enough for you to temporarily glide over asphalt and cement where there is little or no snow. Wear and tear will occur if this is done often though.
    • Are there brakes on the skis?
      • There are no brakes currently on Premier Skis. Putting skis on all four wheels is at your own risk and you should never leave your stroller unattended. We only recommend using Premier Skis on the front wheels and on flat surfaces. Your child's safety is your responsibility.
    • What happens if something breaks?
      • We offer a full replacement of product and parts up to one year after the purchase date. 
    • Where are they made?
      • PremierSki's are made in Quebec, Canada. Needless to say, they are designed to withstand extreme weather.
    • Who designed the skis?
      • PremierSki's were originally designed by a Dad back in 2006 when he had his first son and struggled to get his stroller to work properly in winter. The design has been updated since to what we are offering today.  
    • What is your return policy?
      • We offer a full refund within 30 days of purchase providing that the purchase is returned in an as-new condition. 
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    307 reviews
    I love these!

    I bought these to use while Ice Fishing in Maine. They worked great on my Graco stroller and on my Britax stroller. We were able to take walks across the frozen lake and in the deep snow. They are very easy to put on and take off, no metal parts that will rust like some others I looked at.

    PremierSki - Stroller Skis
    Rachel Normandin
    Really love it !

    I love how it works. Now you need to be realistic base on your environ. I am in Montréal, this mean i can use them in the morning to let the baby at kidengarden and the evening to take them off. Also it's not about go take the baby in the city and then stop by at the pharmacie, it won't work. If you understand the environnement you are in and the usage and limitation it have, this is super usefull and fun

    Non recommandé en ville

    Je pensais pouvoir utiliser les skis pour les trottoirs enneigés de la ville, mais le produit n’est pas stable du tout. La façon d’attacher les sangles est très mauvaise car lorsqu’il fait froid, les sangles deviennent super dures et elles se détachent sans arrêt. Les morceaux pour tenir les roues aussi ne sont pas très stables. Ça fonctionne seulement sur de la neige battu en ligne droite. Avoir su, je ne les aurais pas acheté. Assez déçue 😞 Une très bonne idée mais ça doit être retravaillé car le produit ne vaut pas en ce moment.

    PremierSki - Stroller Skis
    Talk of the Lake

    Have had my stroller skiis for 2 years now. 2nd year at a Kite festival and throughout the day every 2 minutes someone would comment or ask about. I was strolling around the snow covered lake with ease and the envy of many. Think I need cards to hand out next year!

    Stroller skies

    The idea is a great idea however, when we used it for the first time we found it to be slightly heavier when pushing and if we went where there was fresh snow we found the ski kept slipping off the wheel and we had to loosen then tighten the ski again once the wheel was back in. Worked best on snow that had already been trampled on and smoothed out. Unfortunately not what we bought it for.