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Skis for Strollers

Glide through winter.

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Tired of forcing your stroller through the snow just to get a little fresh air? Glide instead with a set of skis…for your stroller!

Premier Ski transforms your stroller into a sled in minutes.  

In Action

Click to see how well our stroller skis glide.

Made in Canada

Hook up the skis, snuggle your baby into their stroller and away you go, sliding easily along any snowy trail.

Enjoy fantastic manoeuvrability, ergonomic benefits and most of all, fun outdoor time with a happy baby! 

Don’t just hibernate this winter – strap on a set of Premier Skis and enjoy the snow!

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Very good product

Premier Ski - Stroller Skis

I am a Wheelchair User

I purchased these ski’s for my wheelchair. It has not yet snowed but as soon as it does I will give them a go and post on FB a review….Great quality out of the box...

Good product

Good product


Avec l'hiver que nous avons au Québec cette année les premiers ski nous ont vraiment facilité la vie. On adore!!!!